Hope Haven is a transition home for young women in distress who lack the emotional, vocational, and financial resources needed to successfully launch their lives as adults. The home provides a haven for girls who are leaving state orphanages, need relief from difficult family situations, or for other reasons need a strong framework of support at this stage of their lives.

Using a holistic family model, we address their social, educational, vocational, and medical needs so that they can find life-changing hope and healing. Our goal is to inspire and empower them to overcome their circumstances, take responsibility for their lives, and become contributing members of society.

Living together with the staff, they receive one-on-one attention as they participate in household chores, income generation projects, and community service activities. They learn basic life skills about home management, personal health, and self-government.

Based on their goals and abilities, we help them to find and succeed in part-time jobs or to pursue educational opportunities. We partner with local businesses to provide internships for on-the-job training. We also promote opportunities to spend time with volunteers who teach and mentor the girls.


In a small town in Azerbaijan, there is a compound of institutions where hundreds of mentally ill and disabled men, women and children live. Also included are tuberculosis victims and elderly residents with no family to care for them.

Several years ago, one woman began her own efforts to bring some mercy and kindness to this place by bringing in food and other basic necessities for the residents that the facility did not have the resources to provide. Since that time, a small group of volunteers composed of both Azerbaijanis and people from other nations have endeavored to continue this compassion project through weekly visits to the facility.

We have vision for getting many volunteers involved in helping to improve the lives of the people who live in psychiatric residential care, and as a result, to foster more awareness of such needs within Azerbaijan. Our goal for the residents is to visit them each week, bringing food and other items that will not only meet their physical needs, but also encourage them that they are not forgotten in this world and that they each have personal value.



Purposeful Youth volunteers go weekly to a boarding school to spend time with the children there. They plan fun activities and games which foster healthy physical and social development, as well as improve gross and fine motor skills.


Our volunteers take groups of children from orphanages to a setting in nature to enjoy games, classes, and great food.


Volunteers help run crafts groups and outings for teenage girls at a tech school. They help find sponsors for dental checkups, eye exams, and other medical needs. A separate group of volunteers also mentors boys at this school.


These brochures are produced by Purposeful Youth with the intention of promoting general health in Azerbaijan.

Baby Development

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Breastfeeding page 2

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases page 2

Family Planning

Family Planning page 2

Food For Babies

Food For Babies page 2

Health For Children

Health For Children page 2

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods page 2

Hepatit B, C

Hepatit B, C page 2


We believe in educating individuals about significant and relevant topics in Azerbaijan. We seek to host seminars which contribute to raising awareness and promoting personal responsibility in the society.

Financial Seminar

Our financial seminar covers several basic financial responsibility principles. We present the benefits of saving and the dangers of using high-interest loans and going into debt. These topics are particularly relevant now as Azerbaijan is on the verge of breaking into the credit card market.

Credit And Investments

Today we want to share with you some information about credit and investments. To help us understand these complex ideas we are going to use a simple story about two brothers to illustrate these principles.

Materials and seminar sponsored by Purposeful Youth NGO – www.mgmaz.org